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Businesswoman using laptop computer

1. Being able to work from any location. Home, coffee shop and even the beach ( not that this is a regular occurrence, but it could be 🙂 ).

2. Job satisfaction – knowing we are helping people and their business grow.

3. Flexibility – setting our own hours.

4. A VA is not the same as a PA. Our role is much more diverse.

5. Relationships – building professional relationships with people from all walks of life.

6. The social media element – Being virtual means spending more time in the online world.

7. Lack of paper – being virtual means less paper and 95% electronic. This is a much more streamlined approach to modern business.

8. Involvement with big business and small business – one day we could be helping a business startup with all elements, the next day playing a vital role in securing a huge business deal.

9. Juggling multiple clients – because we LOVE a challenge.

10. No need to waste time travelling – travelling into an office daily can take 4 hours out of your day. Getting up and working straight away allows more productivity.

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