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20 Business Blog Topic Ideas


A Business Blog is a great way to interact with Clients and other potential customers.

If your looking for inspiration, or suffering with writers block ( we all know that one!), we have collated some blog post ideas to help you along.

1. A day in the life of  – What do you do on a daily basis?

2. Book review – If you have read a relevant book you think your audience will love, share it.

3. Infographic – These are brilliant as they are factual and easy on the eye. We posted one not so long ago.

4. Charity Work/Achievements – If your organisation is partaking in any upcoming charity work, or supports any charities, show how proud you are. The same with any recent achivements.

5. Offers/Promotions/Events – If you are running any offers or promotions, get it out there.

6. Interview someone inspiring – People love a great interview, and people love to talk about themselves.

7.  Favourite Social Media Blogs – Round up your favourites and share them.

8. Q&A with a current client – Gives an insight into your relationships with customers.

9.  Share a list of things to avoid in your industry.

10. Respond to industry research with your own perspective – Offer a fresh angle.

11.  Seasonal Post – Publish a post relevant to the season or holiday.

12. Training  – Describe your training process.

13.  Regional differences between business in your industry.

14. Blogging & Social Media Checklist – To help the more unorganised.

15. Share snippets of upcoming plans –  sneak peek at future plans for your business is a good way to reel your customers in.  It will pique your reader’s interest and leave them wanting more.

16. Create a Series – If you want to delve into a topic, break it up into several posts. Or select a day each week or month that you cover the topic.  This is a great way to get your casual readers to become regulars.

17. Improved service – Write about how you are making changes to improve your service,

18. Solve a problem – Write about common problems in your industry that your service fixes.

19.  How did your company get its name – Add a personal touch.

20.  What are the things required to be an expert in your field.

We hope you can make good use out of these topics. Please share your posts with us, we would love to have a read!

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