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My Virtual Assistant can easily go awol. How do I find them?!

Yes, as a Virtual Assistant works remotely and there is no way to track their whereabouts every minute of the day. However they are always available via phone/email, and will log their hours via a timesheet or time tracking software. If you hire a VA you can trust, this will never be an issue.

They don’t get as much done as a PA who is office based.

They get even more done. They start work as soon as they wake up, and don’t have to factor in time taken to travel to an office .Virtual Assistants are also highly skilled and multi tasking is their middle name.

They cost more than your average PA.

As you only pay for what you require, this is not true. If you hire an office based PA, you need to pay them a full time salary, where as a VA is effectively a pay as you go service.

I might run out of things for VA to do.

One of the major benefits of a Virtual Assistant is to help you keep on top of your work, company, and life. Some weeks may be slower than others, but your VA can still help you even in a smaller capacity. PS Virtual offer the benefit of no monthly or weekly minimums, so you don’t have to worry about meeting a certain “quota” of hours.

Will not improve business.

You’re hiring a VA to help you with minuscule tasks so that you can focus on the core functions of your business. For many, this means generating more revenue or developing a larger customer base. A skilled Virtual Assistant will certainly improve your business as they improve your productivity. See an example here of how we helped a fantastic company grow.

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