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Linkedin can be a very effective business tool to connect to people and gain new business. It is also a brilliant way to build up a client base and touch base with your regular contacts. When you first sign up, it can be a bit of a minefield, as it so vast. If used correctly, you can really exploit it to your advantage. We believe these few pointers are a great start, and should be carried out on a regular basis to help on your Linkedin journey.

1. Share interesting industry updates and your business updates. Comment on others updates.
2. Do not post any pictures or information which would be better suited to Facebook. For example, what you had for dinner or pictures of your nights out.
3. Don’t forget your current contacts. Speak to them regularly, share news, and find out what is happening in their business life.
4. Join groups and start conversations.
5. Update your profile regularly – with new clients, or if you have completed a course or what direction your business have moved into.
6. Always respond to messages, even if you are not interested, be polite & professional.

We hope these help!

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