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Businesses are becoming harder to manage as advancements in technology and a fast-paced lifestyle has shaped the way businesses are run. Luckily, for us it has created a new generation of professionals to take on the challenge of this online world. Virtual Assistants are the key to the success of businesses as they provide immediate assistance to businesses. To become a successful Virtual Assistant, the following skills are a MUST:

1. Highly Organised

Yes, this one is obvious. But being organised is harder than it looks. First of all, you need to ensure your work space  is organised and clutter free. Tidy desk, tidy mind. We use our calendar to note tasks and meetings for both our client and us. We have a daily list of tasks and we know our Client’s every move at all times.

2. Available 24/7 

Due to technology and social media, the 9-5 has evolved. Working for Entrepreneurs ( large Client base percentage for Virtual Assistants) means they work outside the normal working hours and so will you have to sometimes.

3. Instill Confidence /Lead

A Virtual Assistant is a relatively new concept, especially in the UK. If a Client has not worked with a Virtual Assistant previously, they will need some guidance.Show them the way and how awesome you are.

4. Communication

You need to let the Client know how their work is going, so establish how and when you should update them when they become a client as well as before you begin each new task.We update most Clients by email but some prefer text messages, so ascertain how your Clients want to be contacted and how often. If in doubt update the Client at the end of each day and if you’re running behind schedule then tell them asap.

5. Attention to detail/Proof Reading skills

Proofreading goes hand-in-hand with writing. Clients do not want a Virtual Assistant that produces sloppy work, including typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors, which are all simply unprofessional. Clients will expect professional work, whether it is an email or a thank you letter you are responsible for writing and sending to customers.

6. Tech Savvy/Resourceful

Virtual Asssistants are required to provide solutions and solve problems for Clients.If you don’t have the ability to work around a problem and find out how to do something then you won’t make a good Virtual Assistant.In addition to knowing how to access the internet, you must be able to use email and conduct online research. In some instances, you may need to know more than basic internet skills if your Client requests that you maintain and update the business Web site, as well as relevant social media platforms.

All of our Virtual Assistant’s possess all of these skills and many more.

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