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Sometimes, working late in the evening is necessary, especially as Virtual Assistant’s. We are available all hours and sometimes, may need to work through the evening. We do not mind at all as we love our job,  but it can be tough going. Our natural circadian rhythms tell our body to remain awake during daylight hours and asleep when it’s dark, but to maintain a healthy wellbeing against this natural process, due to working evening hours remains a challenge. Here is how we manage to work through the night whilst remaining productive:

1. Ensure your goals are clear and concise prior to working the night shift. This will help you to focus.

2. Finish your day at your normal time and have a break to have some dinner. We opt for something nutritious and filling like this quinoa bowl Then go and take a shower! Something so simple can be reviving.

3. Try and sleep a bit longer in the morning of the day you know you are working late.

4. Water – Keep a bottle by your side and take regular sips. Being  dehydrated can make you more tired.

5. Avoid any caffeine, whether it be coffee, or chocolate.

6. Splash water on your face every 30 minutes or so. The cold will keep you alert.

7. Take regular breaks from the screen as you would during the day.

8. If you get hungry, have a healthy snack. It is easy to reach for the carbohydrates to try and get a quick energy fix but this will work against you. We like apples, houmous and coconut chips.

Enjoy your shift!

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