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Many businesses start life as a solo project, with one ambitious entrepreneur covering all roles of the start-up from admin, copywriting, sales and HR to customer service and online marketing. As a company progresses what many fail to realise is that outsourcing some or all of these tasks to virtual staff needn’t break the bank and can free up more time to make profit. In serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker’s book Virtual Freedom he speaks of suffering from ‘Superhero Syndrome’, and the misconception that to be successful, entrepreneurs must do everything themselves. Overworked, burned out, and micro managing every aspect of his company, Chris came to a crossroads and began outsourcing as many tasks as possible to virtual assistants. He cured himself of the Superhero Syndrome, and became a self titled ‘Virtual CEO’, doubling his workforce and tripling his company’s profits since 2010. The key points from Chris’s guide to hiring virtual assistants are:

  • Get the support you need with the resources you can afford
  • Buy more time to be more productive and build your dream business
  • Build your business in a smart way
  • Have the time to do the things you love at work and at home

If you’re reading this and still think you can’t afford to outsource, just consider that in one hour a virtual assistant could research and email potential clients, follow up with business leads or get your blog and social media channels up to date. That’s £25 spent on tasks that could help boost your business while you were free to meet clients, network or just relax.


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