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We are by no means an Instagram expert ,with a very small following so far, we want to grow. We thought we would share a few of the tips we have learnt to gain business growth. We understand it takes time to grow followers and engagement, and we are talking a gradual growth of substantial engagement, real followers and relevant comments.


Is key. If people like what they see, they will want more. We have not posted for a while, and this probably drives followers away. Expect to see more daily posts from us.


Instagram shares accounts on the home feed based on engagement so engage with your followers and start a conversation. Also comment on others pictures, and you will get some love back.


This is the main way that new followers will find you. Put your hashtags in the description or in the comments. Use hashtags relevant to your business, for example we would use #virtualassistant #businessblog #va #admin . We also use hashtags relevant to the post. We don’t like to overcrowd, a few quality posts are key.


Another way to get your posts out there, is share on your other social media platforms. For example we always share our new blog posts via Twitter & Facebook.

Picture Quality

If you can, always use high resolution photos. Blurred and badly pix-elated photos are not aesthetically pleasing.


Ensure your bio encapsulates your business in a few short words, and also ensure your website and contact details are present.

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