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Merge Your Google Plus Pages

Once upon a time we set up a Google Business page, but later we realised we wanted PS Virtual Assistants to have a Google maps entry, so we set up a Google Local page too. But how could we merge the two? We now had two Google+ pages, one was our regularly updated main account with a wide circle of clients and users we followed and who followed us. That one was a Google+ Brand page, verified by adding a meta tag to our website. The other was a local page, verified by a code which Google sent to our business address by post. The latter had no update activity so it was important the brand page remained the main page.

Virtual Assistants Google Plus

How to merge your Google+ page’s

1First off by navigating to the settings area of our Pages dashboard.

2Scroll down to the Profile section towards the bottom and you will find a ‘Connect other page to this map’ button. Press this and choose the brand page you’d like to merge from the drop down options. Save and you should see results within an hour.

3If you’re not able to see the page you want to merge in the drop down options then make sure you are ‘Owner’ level of both pages in the Manager settings tab.

Voila. Our new Google+ page now gives viewers local information, including opening hours and a link to Google maps: PS Virtual Assistants Google+

The previous Local page appears with title ‘Backup of PS Virtual Assistants’.

How To Google Plus Page Merge

Google Search check:

Our newly merged local page appears in search results on Google Maps!

PS Virtual Assistants Google Maps

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