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‘Online Courses’ or ‘Distance Learning’ are revolutionising education. Their popularity has risen in the last few years due to the current vast age and pace of technology. This is great news not only for modern professionals, but everyone.

How do they work? Online courses are delivered entirely online. As an online student, you’ll be able to log into an online learning system.

Through the online learning system you’ll receive all your study materials and instructions, and submit your assessments. You’ll also be involved in conversations with other students and your tutors through virtual classrooms and discussion boards.

You will be able to watch lectures, complete readings and participate in tutorials, just like an on site student. The difference is you’ll do this online, when it suits you.

Depending on the type you opt for, you can receive a diploma, a qualification or a degree.

Why take an online course?

There are many benefits, especially if you are running a business or are a full time employee, but still want to learn.

The biggest benefit according to us? Learn in your own time and when it suits you. The flexibility of online courses are the biggest appeal. You may be fed up in your job, but not willing to take the risk to leave until you have something else lined up. Or you maybe just love learning.

When searching for the right company to start your online course with, just ensure that they are accredited with professional associations. Some are also free, some are not.


We have sourced some places you can enrol.

Open University 

UK Online Courses 



Online Business School

Future Learn

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