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We are ecstatic to reveal some fantastic news here at PS Virtual.

Talon Outdoor have graced 3rd position in The Sunday Times Fast Track 100 League Table 2015 , beating numerous innovative businesses. This is a huge positive milestone for such a creative and thriving business.

You can view the League Table here

So what do Talon do?

Talon Outdoor are an outdoor digital media agency and recently produced all the outdoor media advertising for The Premiere of the latest Jame Bond film Spectre in Central London. Among this, other creative content of theirs includes Playstation at the Oxo Tower and a bus shelter campaign for Pepsi. Some areas of their expertise are planning, account management, insight and investment.

So how is Talon relevant to PS Virtual?

Talon Outdoor is a Media Agency and is run by Entrepreneur and CEO Eric Newnham, who happens to be one of our top clients. By working closely alongside him since Talon was created (as his virtual assistants and social media managers) we are proud to have been a huge part of this milestone of success for Talon.

So how did we play our part as a Virtual Assistant to aid Talon’s success?

We provided round the clock support to Eric Newnham, ensuring no meetings were missed and that every key networking event was attended. We would remind him of his other investments where we think they could help Talon, connecting, introducing people we think could influence new business. We would keep travel budgets down, comparing costs at every opportunity without jeopardising the meetings intended for. We ensured his contacts database was up to date, alongside his LinkedIn and help source new contacts relevant to the Out of Home & Digital world. We Tweeted relevant interactive information and interacted with internal on site staff at Talon to ensure PS were known and felt present within the company ( even though we were virtual). This meant we had to work harder to build and maintain working relationships with the management team other admin.

What does this mean for PS Virtual?

It is a great achievement for PS Virtual, demonstrating the importance of Virtual Assistants to entrepreneurs and all business big and small.

We are so proud of Eric and everyone at Talon, and here is to an even better 2016.

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