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On 2nd August 2016, Instagram launched a stories feature which is almost identical to Snapchat. You can share as many snippets of your day in the form of photos and videos, but they disappear within 24 hours. They will not  appear in your photo feed but located at the top of the screen. Instagram, known as the photo sharing platform, has increased in popularity due to brand awareness and people’s display of beautiful imagery.  They are now upping their game by adding another dimension, ‘Stories’.

How does it work?

Instagram can still be used to share photos, but the stories is an additional function. By the click of a simple button, you can record videos and take photos and add to your ‘story’, allowing all your followers to view.

But have they copied Snapchat?

There is no question about it, they are very similar but Instagram has slightly simplified it, in the sense it is more user friendly ( Snapchat takes a while to get used to). Snapchat is a great tool for marketing, but now there is a potential spanner in the works as it still has no way to find others unless you somehow know their username.

On Instagram Stories, you can see someone has interesting, beautiful photography – then follow their story to see their real, unfiltered lives.

What are your thoughts?

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