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What you don’t do , determines what you can do. It is that simple. But what it is this ‘not to do list’ ? You write a ‘to do list’ daily and plough through it, therefore why write a ‘not to do list’ ? Because you want to be as productive as possible! The only way a super productive person continues to grow professionally without going crazy is periodically to decide what they are not going to do.

How to compile?

  1. Look at your previous month’s activities. Write down anything you’re not sure really fits your current job description.
  2. Look at your upcoming appointments for the next month. Again, write down things that are questionable in terms of your current job description.

Onto the list….

1. Do not put important tasks off – Do these first as they are priority. You will feel so relieved once completed.

2. Unclear goals – While it may take a bit of time in the beginning, after you work out your priorities, your days become very sharp and focused.

3. Not taking breaks – We are not robots. Even for 5 minutes every hour, pop and get something to drink or have a snack. Move away from the desk.

4. Do not get sidetracked – We have all been there, whether it be online shopping or scrolling through Pinterest, these things can wait.

5. Don’t say yes to the task unless you are 100% you can deliver.

Your list can be as extensive as you like, whatever works in order to be as productive as you want to be. Our list is a good starting point.

We love writing lists and ‘My Future Listography’ is a great tool to use.

What would you put on your ‘not to do list’ ?

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