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First and foremost, what is a Printable?

A printable is simply a graphic design that is offered as a download.

Why use them?

Why spend lots of money on expensive planners, when you can print for free or at a lower cost? Printables  simply help you get organised.  If you are  having a productivity problem, reach for a printable and display them on a bulletin board/in your diary. To prevent being too overwhelmed, start off by using one type at a time to familiarise yourself with them.

What type of Printables are available?

1.  Calendars

No space left in your diary? Want different types of calendars ( eg. work & home), then these are for you. Download here.

2. Daily/Weekly Planner

Keep track of appointments and your work schedule. Download here.

3. Blog Planner

Whether you blog for business or a hobby, you may need to schedule them. Download here.

4. Meal Planner

Whether you are planning family meals, or healthy eating, or a diet plan, a meal planner can take the stress out of meal preparation. Download here.

5. Financial Planner

Sometimes when we have lots of payments/outgoings, it is easy to loose track of them. Stay organised and download here.

Do you use printables? Do you find them useful?

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