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Marion Nye

Our virtual assistant Marion Nye is a cool, calm administration expert. She has 12 years experience under her belt, working her way up from a Secretary to an Account Director in large London media companies. She tells us more about being a virtual assistant in our two minute VA questionnaire.

Marion Nye

Q. What clients are you currently working with and how long have you been working with them?  
A. I have one client, Thierry Thielens, he is the HR director for Let’s Go Crazy Holdings.
Q. What are the top tasks you do?  
A. I manage Thierry’s diary, booking in face to face and Skype interviews with potential employees. I also download, filter and respond to candidates CV’s, cover letters or correspondence they send via Linked In, from Let’s Go Crazy Holdings website, Jobvite and social media platforms. I produce daily job candidate updates for Thierry and weekly updates of anything HR related in the pipeline. 
Q. Give an example of where you’ve gone above and beyond to help a client in the last month? 
A. I regularly hear the phrase “thank you for being a soldier” after booking 80 telephone interviews or sending out 180 different pieces of information to 180 different recipients in record time.
Q. How did you get into being a VA? 
A. I had set up my own cleaning agency ‘Maid Marion’, which was doing very well with a steady client base. However, I wanted to find a role that allowed me to spend more time working from home and less time travelling. Luckily for me I found the perfect job with PS Virtual. I had previously worked with fellow VA Emma Smith and PS Virtual MD Sally Pallaris at Poster Publicity and after meeting with Emma and Sally to discuss the role, I had a further Skype interview with Thierry and I got the job (I think mentioning that I had OCD definitely helped!).
Q. What’s the best thing about being a Virtual Assistant?
A. Flexibility. I am very honest with Thierry, so if it’s the Easter holidays and my children are off, I can tell him I may not respond immediately. We have an agreement during these times that if a task is URGENT to just call me. It’s also great to have a good giggle with the client from time to time.
Q. How do you juggle your time and fit work in with family life?
A. Being a virtual assistant fits perfectly around my home and family, I’m able to respond to my client with the help of various devices and apps even if I’m on the school run. I can also catch up on evenings or weekends if the work isn’t urgent. 
Q. What are your main interests/past times/hobbies besides being a PS Virtual Assistant?
A. I’m a big movie junky, Hollywood blockbusters, rom-coms or old classics. I also love walking, swimming, and lot’s of music.

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