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PS Virtual Flybe Mag

PS Virtual’s head virtual assistant Julie Hill talks to Flybe Uncovered Magazine about the virtues of a virtual office for start-ups and established companies; from saving on salary costs, enticing the best employees in the job market and reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

PS Virtual Flybe Mag

In Flybe’s Uncovered magazine this month they investigated why a growing number of companies are choosing to ‘forego expensive office rents, staff salaries and overheads by using virtual offices to grow their businesses’; and PS Virtual’s Julie Hill explained to Flybe what she thinks is the main reason for the significant increase in virtual offices in recent years. “Virtual offices are becoming increasingly accessible as technology such as video conference calling makes it faster and easier to communicate remotely. Virtual assistants are an attractive prospect to company’s, especially start-ups on a tight budget, as without the need to pay holiday, sickness and maternity pay they save up to 40% on the salary costs of a full time employee. Virtual offices can also reduce a businesses carbon footprint; like most virtual assistants our team work from their own homes, cutting out the need for hefty commutes to work and helping towards a greener planet”. Read the full article in Flybe’s Uncovered magazine.

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