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Why Virtual Assistants Are Good For Business.

Why Virtual Assistants Are Good For Business.With technology making it as easy to communicate with someone in a different continent as it is with someone in the same building, it’s little wonder that the popularity of virtual PA’s and remote workers is on the increase. Having a member of staff on holiday and another calling in sick, just as a huge new brief lands on your desk is no longer cause to sweat it out till the small hours to get the job done; by delegating tasks to a virtual assistant your time is freed to focus on the new deadline. Here’s our top 4 reasons why hiring a virtual assistant makes business sense.

More engaged on the job:  Remote workers are more engaged than those working in an office and suffer far less distractions. The temptation of Jeremy Kyle USA at home is far less a hindrance than the stream of phone calls, meetings and commute delays an office worker may endure, plus those working from home tend to be more accessible to work so can easily pick up a task outside of office hours.

Low cost:  You get the status and convenience of a PA but you only pay for the time and work you actually need. No need to worry about annual leave, sick pay, maternity cover and desk space.

Better communication: It might sound surprising but Harvard Business Review says remote workers make better use of communication tools. They’ve seen communication break down between staff sitting less than 50 feet away, because the possibility of communicating is so easy and is often taken for granted. Absence makes people try harder to connect and virtual assistants have to be adept at liaising with the client via telephone, email and video and conference calling tools.

Flexibility: A permanent employee may only be trained in one or two areas but a team of virtual assistants such as those at PS Virtual have a wide range of skills on offer from diary management and event planning to research and proof reading. Build a relationship with our team of virtual assistants and you can easily request last minute projects knowing that someone will have the relevant experience.

…and remember, virtual assistants aren’t just useful for tight work schedules, they can manage a family in relocating, assist an overseas professional in need of a social diary, or even plan a toddlers birthday party.

Call or email us to try a PS Virtual Assistant, and see how they can help your business or personal life for as little as £25 a month.

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