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‘Box, based in Redwood City, California, is an online file sharing and content management service for businesses. The company uses a freemium business model to provide cloud storage and file hosting for personal accounts and businesses.’

Whenever cloud storage is mentioned, you hear the word Dropbox a lot. Dropbox is great, but we find it has limited uses. Have you heard of Box? Us neither, until we accidentally stumbled across it a couple of years ago.  And we have to say it is pretty brilliant. It works the same way as Dropbox, but has some additional features which make it a winner in our eyes.  We very rarely use Dropbox these days.

So why do we choose Box over Dropbox?

1. Storage Capacity

Box offers 10gb of storage for free, whereas Dropbox offers only 2gb.

2. Collaborations

If we have uploaded a document, and need input, the collaborator can download, edit and upload back into the same folder.

3. User friendly

Box is a lot easier to navigate around, and looks more professional ( in our opinion).

4. Security

Box has tighter security controls. Not sure why this is, but it does.

5. Features

  • Web application
  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop application
  • Administration Console
  • Add Users
  • Set Permissions, enforce security
  • Create groups
  • Run Comprehensive Reports
  • Share file
  • Sync files from desktop
  • Edit Google Doc and Microsoft Office files right in application

In our opinion, Box is the perfect system for all your business needs. As Virtual Assistants, we are great at using all the latest applications and technology, so if you would like to use Box within your business model, we can help you get set up and maintain storage of your information.

You can also sign up for an account here.

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