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work smarter

Work Smarter – To use work hours so efficiently that it allows you to spend more time on the things that really matter – PS VIRTUAL

During this process, we have stumbled on a few activities that have jump-started our productivity and decreased our time that outlay on work hours.

1. Schedule time to schedule time – Make time daily ( first thing or the night before)to schedule your day to produce a concise, organised to do list.

2. Take regular breaks – Have a coffee. Prepare a healthy lunch. Call a friend.

3. Take time to keep an eye on the bigger picture. – We can get so lost in the present moment that we do not think about the bigger plan. Where do you want to be in a month? a year? What are your goals, and strategy to get there?

4. Delegate – If you have the assistance, use it.

5.Focus on what is most important for you to be doing RIGHT NOW –  Prioritize smartly.  Do not have numerous tabs open at once.

7.Look at how you manage your minutes – What takes the most time? Could you complete it any quicker? Do you waste your time? Be honest with yourself.

8. Stay innovative – In order to be productive , you do not need to spend hours at the computer. Step into nature.  Try new experiences which take you away from the work environment even for half an hour.

These online tools can also be VERY helpful:


2.The Box

3. Google Drive & Calendar

We also LOVE a planner and a notebook. Etsy & Paperchase sell some fabulous ones.

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