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Google London Amazing Offices

If you’re not lucky enough to be a virtual assistant and work from wherever you lay your laptop, then you can always try and bag yourself a position in one of these amazing offices. Facebook and Google have a reputation for enticing the best staff to join their teams with their ‘out there’ offices, so here’s a peek at their legendary offices, and some more you might have missed. See our board of inspiring office design for the home and industry on Pinterest.Google London Amazing Offices

Google London

Google London (pictured above) is the only office on our hot list that Pink Saucer have been lucky enough to visit. Opened in 2012 and jam packed with 70’s retro chic home furnishings we were impressed with the amount of space in such a prime spot of the capital. In the private room where our meeting was held we’d be forgiven for thinking we’d landed in a scene from Austin Powers with cushioned green velvet from floor to ceiling, a curved statement sofa, and delicious coffee brought to us in grandma’s best china style cups. We can’t wait to see Google’s Kings Cross offices due in 2016!

Microsofts amazing Washington DC offices.

Microsoft Washington DC

Microsoft’s Washington HQ is as big as a town, housing their 12 divisions of products from to XBox. They have all the tech essentials such as basketball courts, a football pitch, a pizza parlour, live bands, and a giant elephant, with personal touches like the ‘high-five hallway’ (don’t keep anyone hanging). To keep you inspired that Microsoft is still at the forefront of user technology they have a life size model of Microsofts vision of the ‘home of the future’.

Netflix Amazing Offices

Netflix California

Netflix in Las Gatos, California might not have the Google wow factor but the office space fits the film rental brand with a full cinema, movie themed loos and a free electronic gadget vending machine.  Facebook California A legendary offices list wouldn’t be complete without a peek into Facebook’s California HQ. They moved to Menlo Park to home their increasing workforce in 2011 with a open plan policy with no private spaces and glass walled meeting rooms. Hallways are lined with chalk boards for all staff to jot ideas on and they can choose to sit, stand or work in a ‘cosy’ booth in the 57 acre campus.

Facebook California Amazing Office

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Image credits: , John Sutton Photography, Business Insider, Telegraph, Techland, Office Snapshots

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